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Breast Enlargement Exercises: for the prevention of sagging breasts and for growing bigger breasts


Exercise is recommended on a daily basis as it helps to prevent disease, improves stamina, strengthens and tones the muscles, enhances body flexibility, controls the weight and most importantly improves your quality of life.  Breast enlargement exercises are an important part of any breast growth program, however, it is of greatest benefit to incorporate breast enhancement exercises as a part of a general exercise routine. 

There is growing evidence that an inactive lifestyle can contribute to a range of illnesses such as heart problems, diabetes, depression, obesity and arthritis.  Just a moderate amount of exercise on a consistent basis is all you need to build a strong immune system.  This in turn will help to give us protection from the common cold or the harmful effects of stress.


Couple Jogging

When you exercise moderately your body will build an increase in the macrophages or the cells that attack bacteria.  It’s not necessary however to take up long duration exercise such as marathon running or long-distance swimming as these intense activities can actually reduce your immunity. 

Within 3 to 72 hours after completing a strenuous bout of activity, athletes are more susceptible to illness.  Intense physical activity causes the body to produce stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. 

 Once you begin to exercise, you will discover that it reduces stress, helps to lift your mood and will help you to look and feel younger throughout your life.  Include regular physical activity that provides endurance, flexibility and strength bearing exercises.  It is a good idea to include a set of warm up and cool-down stretches before and after your exercise program. 

The following is a small sample of a range of general activities you can include that are veryStretching good for your health.  Walking, gardening, yoga, cycling, dancing, jazz ballet.  A good gym workout, rock-climbing, skating, jumping on a trampoline and swimming.  The list is endless.


Resistance Training

Resistance training, weight training or weight lifting are terms applied to techniques that apply resistance to the muscles to stimulate growth of the muscle fibers and increase circulation to them.  As we get older, our muscles start to become progressively weaker and the muscle tissue begins to waste away, especially if we don’t incorporate a routine of resistance training into our daily life.

As we age, we slow down and need help lifting things.  Women who are in the menopausal years at around age 50 plus, may find that hormonal changes cause loss of muscle with an accompanying weight gain.  The muscle fibers, required to give surges of power for lifting heavy objects, shrink in size causing a loss of muscle mass. 

When you include weight lifting into your exercises routine, not only will your muscles begin to regain their strength and energy, but your bone structure benefits also.  

When you overload the muscles with weight training, the pull of the muscle on the bone will help in strengthening the bones, regaining lost bone mass and avoiding bone fractures.  Weight training will help create stability in the larger muscles of the legs and arms.  This in turn will assist our balance. 

Remember that you are never too old to start a weight-training program, as studies have shown that even people in their 80s and 90s have benefited from resistance training using weights.  Weight training, which is part of breast exercises routine, will also add contours into your torso, arms and legs.  Great if you are thin and straight up and down.


Breast Enhancing Exercises

Loss of fat cells or inadequate support of the breasts can make the breasts sag and look droopy.  The breasts have no muscles to hold them up.  If you want them to look perky, build up the pectoral muscles that surround the chest area.  When these muscles are well toned, they will give a smaller bust a lift and make them appear larger. 

A good routine of breast lifting exercises built into your lifestyle helps to maintain good health in the hormonal network.  I have included a range of breast enhancing exercises in my ebook Firm Breast Exercises with simple and easy to follow instructions.  

A good routine of breast lifting exercises built into your lifestyle helps to maintain good health in the hormonal network.  You can include these either in your gym workout or at home. Not only will they lift and firm the breast but these exercises will also deal with the age-old problem of sagging breasts.  Some of them are even fun to do.

 Yoga Exercises

Yoga - Perfect complement to Breast Exercises


An important part of breast firming exercises, which supports a breast enlargement routine, is a program of yoga exercises. Yoga helps to regulate the supply of hormones particularly during times of stress. Yoga when done in a slow manner is excellent for relaxing the body. Don’t be fooled into thinking that yoga is too slow.

The Salutation to the Sun one version as outlined below, is particularly energizing and great done first thing in the morning. This of course helps the body to burn fat. Fat can store unhealthy amounts of estrogen that can lead to weight gain.



Taking a few extra life-enriching steps in your lifestyle that include targeted breast enlarging exercises can dramatically increase your chances for success with natural breast enlargement methods such as pills and creams.   By successfully harnessing the power of hormonal balance for healthy, natural breast growth, you will ensure even greater success in your breast enlargement journey.

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